Dec 2019

During the cold, darker months when we’re spending more time indoors, we seek pleasure in the ritual of lighting a candle and creating a cosy, relaxing atmosphere, adding a sense of warmth. 

The wonderful glow of candlelight on a cold wintery night and the soft scent of your favourite natural candle can instantly change the ambience in your home. 

Whether you prefer a relaxing scent or something more invigorating, lighting your favourite blend of natural fragrance can lift your mood and bring calm to your day.

The therapeutic benefits of essential oils and natural fragrances are well known and they are often used to help relieve stress and anxiety, help with relaxation, improve sleep or boost your mood. 

Opting for a natural plant wax candle which is sustainable and eco friendly means you can relax without the worry of chemicals polluting your home. 

Made from soy oil, soy candles are a natural, biodegradable source. Coconut wax, rapeseed wax and beeswax are other natural alternatives to paraffin wax (derived from petroleum) and synthetic fragrances. Paraffin wax has been found to give off carcinogens when burned, when combined with chemical fragrances they can be headache inducing, so best to avoid. 

Soy candles are longer lasting due to a slower burning time and cooler burning temperature, which mean we don’t have to buy as often making it an investment that benefits the environment too! Natural wax holds its colour well making it look more attractive. Combined with pure essential oils which also burn slower, creating a more pleasant environment.

We have carefully hand-picked a collection of hand-poured, eco-friendly, soy wax candles from Earl of East London for you to enjoy. 

We hope you find a few quiet moments for yourself this Christmas to relax and unwind with your favourite natural candle.