Natural warmth - Why wool is the best.
Oct 2019

Autumn has arrived - the bright summer colours are fading, the nights are drawing in and with the added chill in the air, we find ourselves hankering to create a feel of cosy contentment indoors. 

Simple changes made within the home can help to evoke this feeling, allowing us to take pleasure in the space we create around us. 

Adding a throw to a scheme is one simple change which can be made to alter the feel of a space. Throws add a sense of texture which can be comforting, helping to bring a pleasing balance to a room.  

An essential for simple, conscious living is a 100% pure new wool throw. The use of natural materials within the home bring numerous benefits and wool is no exception:

- Wool, being a natural material, is sustainable - helping us to support and protect our planet.       

- Having both insulating and breathability properties wool helps to keep you warm when you are cold but allows your body to breath when its cozily tucked in tightly around you.    

- The surface structure of wool fibres naturally repel water and makes the textiles antibacterial.

- Wool is anti-static, as well as odour and stain resistant, so it doesn't gather dust mites or require regular washing.

- Wool is biodegradable - an ecological and sustainable choice

In an ever growing throw away culture, wool stands out from the crowd with its unique quality and durability. A pure new wool throw is guaranteed to last a life time and is an essential investment piece. 

We have loved spending time and careful consideration sourcing our woollen throws for you.  

Stay warm.